Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Millie's Burgers

Last Tuesday, I ate at Millie's Burgers on the corner of 2092 S 1000 E with my husband, sisters, little brother, and some cousins. It's quite small and in fact, the menu is bigger than the actual restaurant. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Dave and I ordered the Jalapeno Swiss Bacon Burger, some fries, fried mushrooms, the Millie Cheeseburger, and a blueberry cheesecake shake. The jalapeno burger quite good, though I've had better beef patties (like at Five Guys). The fries were actually the most disappointing thing we got. They weren't the worst I've ever had, but they could've been crispier and had more flavor, so they were just standard fries. The fried mushrooms were quite tasty, but be careful when you bite into them because you might get a bit of hot water that was in the mushroom (which is always the case with fried mushrooms). We had those with ranch--my standard fried-things dipping sauce. The Millie cheeseburger was simple, but tasty. If you want a cheeseburger without a ton of frills, get that. Now, the best part of the meal was that blueberry cheesecake shake. Sufferin' Sapho, it was good! There were tons of cheesecake chunks in it and it was very blueberry tasting and a very good size. So, good food at a good price. I recommend going there at least twice so you can try a few of the things that look good on the menu (there were at least five other things I wanted).
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