Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rusted Sun Pizzeria

I love pizza. Maybe a better title for my blog would be "A Lifelong Romance with Pizza." I'm slightly picky about what's on my pizza, like I'm not a fan of sweet pizza or regular pizza having sweet things on it (Hawaiian) and I usually don't like plain cheese because that seems like a waste, but I love pizza. 
Now, everyone has their two ends of the spectrum on..pretty much anything. You know, what you get just because it's good and cheap and then what you get because it's the best. My good and cheap is Little Caesar's, but what I really wanted to tell you about is the other end of my pizza spectrum. I've pretty much had pizza in every state I've been in, which is most of them, and I've had many a homemade pizza, but (having not been to Italy, yet) this is it. The real deal. The epitome of fantastic, gourmet, how you want it, hole-in-the-wall, pizza. Dun dun dun...Rusted Sun Pizzeria. *fanfare and confetti* 
They have fantastic thin crust, yummy toppings, hole-in-the-wall eclectic atmosphere, and lovely people working there. To me, they seem kinda hippy-awesome, but without the being stoned all the time. They've been there for somewhere near 9 or so years (though I lose track because after high school, days and years run together). I've never eaten anything there that wasn't delightful, from the create-your-own pizzas and calzones to garlic bread to lasagna. Love it all. And in case you're thinking I'm just another normal American who just eats cheap, Americanized junk and has since she escaped the womb, I'm not. My mommy is the best Italian (and whatever else she decides to concoct) cook I know and I've been shovel-fed amazing, homemade, Italian fare since I was born (heavy on the shovel-fed because my mom only knows how to make army-size portions, but she birthed seven kids, so...). Anyways, Rusted Sun is on the west side of the street and they have room for a few cars in front of it, but mostly you just have to park at one of the places next to it--I usually choose Scone Cutter because they, unlike Curry-in-a-Hurry, don't have tons of lame signs everywhere saying they'll tow you if you spend a little while in they're empty parking lot. Try it if you haven't already and go fall in love again if you have. I'm drooling just thinking about it...someone get a towel...

I didn't take these pictures because, like an idiot, I always forget my camera when I go there, but Google is nice and has lots of results.
                                         Garlic Bread, Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Sign.
Pizza, Shirts, Garlic Bread.
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Eat it. Love it. Crave it every day of your life.


  1. Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to check it out, it looks yummy! Great article!

  2. Neither can I, eventhough I'll have to travel 5035 miles to get there. Yes - your blog is being read here in Europe, and we are enjoying it. Just keep it coming, we love it. Looking forward to see you in the beginning of june.
    The Coldings

  3. Thank you for your comments, Jaena and The Coldings!