Monday, April 9, 2012

Thai Delight Cafe

When I was 18, my family went to a family reunion in North Carolina, but instead of returning to Utah with my parents at the end of it, I went to spend the rest of the summer with my Aunt Andrea and Uncle Joe's family in Georgia. On the trip there, I had my first taste of Thai cuisine--it was love at first bite! I'd always wanted to try it because I love spicy foods with a fiery (pun intended) passion and had heard that curry was just that. Needless to say, I was hooked. Once I got back to Utah, I had a need and the only thing that could fill it was more curry and coconut soup. 
Now, more than five years later, I've tried many of the Thai restaurants in the valley and the only one I return to is Thai Delight Cafe on 6271 South and Dixie Drive just west of Bangerter Highway (there is also a second location on 1407 West and 9000 South that they recently opened). Dave and I started going there the first week it opened and suddenly, there was another member of our family. The restaurant is small and quaint, with tons of Buddah figures and stuff everywhere (granted, it's not the fanciest place I've ever been in, but that's not really what I look for when deciding where to eat). The service is great, with quick drink and rice refills and we never wait too long for our food. The price is also quite reasonable--we usually spend about $30 and take home half the food. Now, to that food. One word: fan-freakin-tastic! Best Tom Kha Gai (coconut soup) and Panang curry I've ever had! Everything we eat there is fabulous, but those are the two dishes that we get the most often (we get the coconut soup every time). I love the Pad ke Maow (spicy noodles), too. I can never get the smell out of my head. Ooooo, and their sticky rice with mango slices! *drool* Crap, I need a towel. Oh oh, and the Thai lemonade! Man, I was just there on Saturday for my birthday and I want it again! 

Tom Kha Gai
 Tom Kha Gai in my bowl
 Panang Curry
Panang Curry in my bowl
 Pad ke Maow

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Food is my drug of choice.

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