Monday, December 3, 2012

Grouchy's Deli

It is no secret how fond I am of a good sandwich (everyone has heard me rave about Gandolfo's), so it should be no surprise that I found another deli that I like. 
Grouchy's is another place in Norcross that we happened upon and is worth your consideration. It was clean and spacious inside and the girl at the counter was very nice and patient. We got the Chicken Melt sandwich (chicken salad on bread, covered with Muenster and toasted) and the Chicken Cutlet Parm (chicken cutlet, marinara and melty cheese on some crusty bread) with some sides of pasta salad and fruit salad and a couple pickle spears. Yum yum yum! The marinara on the Parm was nicely seasoned and the chicken was oh-so-moist! The chicken salad was creamy and delightful! The pasta salad was well-made and the fruit salad was fresh, as were the pickles! 
I'm going again--so should you!

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